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السوق الأوروبية المعدات الثقيلة auction information is available through Rich Site Summary (RSS) alerts or feeds, which will allow you to see auction summaries without having to check السوق الأوروبية المعدات الثقيلة daily for updates.

With RSS, you can see السوق الأوروبية المعدات الثقيلة auctions right on your desktop by installing a free RSS reader. Most RSS readers will check for updates once every hour.

Usually, a small alert pop-up will appear on your desktop for a few seconds if there is something new.

To view the feed, click on the RSS link. You may see XML code displayed in your browser.

That's ok, you just want the link address displayed in your address bar (the URL). Copy and paste the address into an RSS reader (see the list of compatible readers to the right).

After you've installed your RSS reader, you can keep tabs for this site and other websites or blogs you visit by adding their RSS feeds to your reader.

السوق الأوروبية المعدات الثقيلة will feed you regular updates on the latest auctions and your favorite sellers.

Selected RSS Readers

RSS Reader — Windows; freeware
Awasu — Windows; free for personal use
Feedreader — Windows; freeware
SharpReader — Windows; freeware
My Yahoo! — Web-based; free
Rocket RSS Reader — Web-based; free
Pluck Reader — Web-based; free

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Very Expensive rss.php?feed=5

Item Under $10 rss.php?feed=6

Warm Items rss.php?feed=7

Hot Items rss.php?feed=8

Buy It Now Items rss.php?feed=9

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